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The End of Summer

August 10, 2009

So, apparently when I decided to fall off the face of the earth, so did CC, and for that I am truly sorry. I’ve fallen into a routine where I’m rarely at my computer, and so Twitter is much easier than blogging. Blogging requires much more concentration (usually) than twitter. The confines of 140 characters doesn’t leave much room for extensive contemplation.
Truth is, summer ran by me without my noticing it. I head back to Boston in less than a week! And what have I done with my summer? Not much… Spent some time upstate, went to the beach once, went to maybe 3 concerts, threw 2 parties and a dinner party… That’s about it though. I didn’t really go out all that much either. All I have to show for the summer is another bullet point on my resume and another failed summer fling. Not that either of those is necessarily a bad thing, but that’s not how I saw my summer summing up.
Now that I’m heading back to Boston, I’m gonna be blogging more, and I have some interesting stuff lined up for the fall. I’ll try to find CC before I go- give her a bit of a nudge.

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