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if a tree falls

June 9, 2009

there was an article on today about the failure rate of blogs (blogs falling in an empty forest). i found it interesting, but also somehow, incorrect. i don’t know necessarily that blogs can fail. they can fail to live up to the expectations and hopes you had for them, but for them to actually fail is another story entirely. when they speak about blog failure, they speak about when people stop adding content. that’s not failure, that’s when you move on. i’ve left behind a blog or two… so has MG… and so have probably every blogger you’ve ever heard of. the truth of the matter is, sometimes the content is no longer something you’re interested in spending the time on, or, like the article says, you get too busy. MG and i aren’t always the most prolific, or proficient, writers… there can be weeks of radio silence before one or both of us pops out of nowhere and begins writing again. it happens. particularly because this blog isn’t our job, our lives have to go on without it sometimes. 

i don’t think blogs fail, i think people fail their blogs. if you’re writing a blog for a year, knowing you’re reaching an audience of one, and yet you’re happy to continue updating for a year, then the fact that you only have one reader isn’t failure- hell, you’re reaching someone at least, right? then one day, you suddenly stop writing, never to return again, and that person might come back every few days to check that you haven’t posted something they missed. they might be disappointed. however, they’ll get over it in time, there are a lot of blogs out there, and there is bound to be another person expounding on a similar topic, don’t you think?

we fail our blogs, and our one (or 50,000) readers, they don’t fail us.

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  1. July 6, 2009 8:48 pm

    Great post!

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