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June 1, 2009

Well that’s it… I’m officially over it. I’ve been a Verizon customer for 7 years, maybe more, and the customer service has gotten so bad that I’m willing to pay the $175 to cancel my service, although I’m gonna fight that cost. The question is, do I move to T-Mobile, or AT&T. Keep in mind, I’m definitely gonna get another Blackberry– no iPhones for me… so I’m hoping for a free one when I sign up for my new service.

Anyone have any helpful tips?

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  1. Valerie permalink
    June 10, 2009 7:34 pm

    I started my plan back in 06. Every month following that I have been on the phone with them either tryin to streighten out my bill or fighting with a phone that refuses to work. My son went through 6 Chocolates and they still refuse to give him a different phone. I was charged romming fees and late fee’s because their reps said the would fix my over charges and never did. So when I paid what I was told to pay it wasn’t enough because they never added the credits. You would think after seeing all the mess we have been through they would let us just opt out of our contract. But instead they want to charge us over 200. a phone. The only reason we kept renewin our contract was because of faulty phones that gave out after their warrenty was up. I wasnt going to get stuck paying for service when I didnt have a phone. There has to be a way to get them to stop taking advantage of their custemers like that. I asked to talk to a manager once and the man got on the phone and talked to me like I was a child and proceeded to yell at me. I may not be able to get out of this contract yet. But i have promised them I will do whatever it takes to tell everyone how slimmy they are and not to use their service. I was added to the friends and family plan and a rep walked me through adding my contacts online. he then told me, “wait 24hrs. and then you can call them, they will be free after the 24hrs.” When I got my bill the next month I had an outragous bill. Here when I went to check my friends and family they weren’t even listed. When I called customer service they told me it was my fault for not checking to make sure they were added before making the calls. I was never told to check!! I went by his world. Then they tried to tell me ALL their reps are trained to make sure that they tell the customer they need to check. 2 weeks later I had to take my sons phone back to get replaced with another piece of junk and I heard the rep tell a customer about friends and family… guess what. Not once did he tell her to check!!! So at that point I asked him it he forgot to tel her something else about the friends and family. He looked at me odd and said NO! I looked at her and told her what happen to me. When we mess us we have to pay.. but we also have to pay when they screw up too. They promised my son another phone after his was replaced after the 4th phone. He went through “6”!!! He finally was give a phone by his friend. But now I have to pay 29.99 extra because its a blackberrie and wont work without the net. Their customer service sucks and so do their phones.

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