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it’s that time of year

May 24, 2009

it’s finally getting so nice out! on thursday, i lay out on MG’s roof with her, getting a bit of a starter tan, and drinking prosecco and lemonade. it was so nice to just chill and catch up, since we haven’t had a chance in a while. summer’s starting and while MG works all day, i’ll be working at night. i didn’t find an internship that i liked, so i’m going to be doing some promoting. i may end up giving in and working at american apparel, but for now, i’m just going to stick with partying- it is what i do best after all.

a lot of my friends are going to be around this summer, but many of them are also going to be away, sadly. my friend is doing an photography internship in australia. how cool is that? another friend is working in the archives at mass moca, which at least means i get to go to the berkshires a few times over the summer. another friend is traveling around asia, for money. two friends are doing marketing internships in shanghai, while another is in beijing. all in all, i’d say i’m pretty jealous.

is anyone else doing something awesome.

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