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May 18, 2009

sorry i’ve like fallen off the face of the earth! what with finals, papers, projects, birthdays and moving to a new apartment, i haven’t exactly had time to write.

basically everyone i know, except MG and myself, had birthdays in the last two weeks, so it’s been super hectic. parties have been everywhere from santos, to cain, the imperiallandmarc, butter, and beyond. it’s been great, but tough to juggle with everything else that’s happening. i was supposed to be moving in with some friends, but instead, the hubster and i are making the jump. yeah, that’s right, i’m moving in with my boyfriend. it’s insane (yeah, we know you did it in high school MG, but the rest of us aren’t like that)- there’s a possibility i’ll never live with anyone else ever again (he’ll kill me for saying that). but in all seriousness, by 22, someone you meet, date, and move in with is very possibly someone you will marry. ok, now i’ve freaked myself out.

anyway, for anyone who has been out in the last week, if you’ve said hi and i’ve barely responded, that’s definitely part of the reason. i’m way behind on sleep too. i finally turned in my last thing for the year on friday evening! i had a design project, as well as two papers, a presentation, and two exams. ugh.

did anyone make it to dan deacon at the bowery ballroom on saturday? i heard the show was awesome! i know MG nearly made it, stood in line even, and then wasn’t quite feeling up to it. anyone have pictures? i’d love to see them.

ok, i’ve gotta run some errands, but if there’s anything good, apart from the usual happening this week, let me know! welcome to summer!

oh, and congrats to everyone who graduated this past week, or will be graduating this coming week!! i’m so proud, you’re awesome (even if you haven’t found a job yet)!

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