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April 28, 2009

I love spring on college campuses. Particularly on a campus like this one where good fashion sense is really hit or miss. The good weather means everyone brings out their “cutest” clothes. In reality, they were the clothes that were cutest on the hanger in the store, or in the picture online. Many people walk around in things that are so entirely inappropriate for their bodies, it’s a joke. The clothes are cute, just not on them. Like, not to be shallow or anything, but when you’re 5’2″ and weigh 150 lbs., why are you wearing a mini spring dress? It’s not right.

I will admit that this year, I’ve seen a lot more cute clothing, on cuter bodies, than at this time last year. Maybe as a school we’re getting cuter? Is it possible? Who knows. I’m not just talking about girls either, the guys are dressing better too. Girls are the ones I tend to focus on though, I’ll admit. Lots of shorts and denim skirts this year. Not as many cute dresses as I would hope- although since I’m a dress person, maybe that’s good for me. Any dress I get, I don’t want to see someone else in, right? The ones I have seen have tended to be strapless, which isn’t always a good look for me anyway.

What’s happening everywhere else in the world as the weather’s warming up?

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