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10 Tables

March 25, 2009

Last night, because my dad was around, we tried out 10 Tables in Cambridge. I would have to say, given all the hype about it, it was underwhelming. The food was, in a technical sense, was very good, but there was something lacking. We each chose appetisers that were listed as “spicy,” and found that neither was particularly spicy. I had the squid, and my dad had the steak tartar. The steak tartar was made of really high quality beef, with a great texture, and some marbling, but the spicing of the dish wasn’t quite what we expected. We found that it was mild, although the overall flavor was very nice. The squid was slightly chewy, but the total texture and flavor of the salad was nice. For our entrees, my dad had bacon-wrapped striped bass, and I had a special of the night, seared duck breast. The flavoring and technical cooking, and display, of the food, was done very well. However, we both found that we were not as impressed as we had hoped. For dessert, I had a chocolate terrine, with thai basil ice-cream and salt. It was the single best part of the meal, for sure.

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