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March 11, 2009

So I know it must seem like we’ve fallen off the planet… and I guess in a way, we have. CC is in the Bahamas, lucky her! She said she wasn’t even going to pretend to try to blog while she was away, she wants a true vacation.

I on the other hand have gotten caught up in all kinds of things… work, school, life, drama…

I turned in all those papers and took a breather, only to discover that I had another paper due just a few days later, which winded me, and I have another due this Friday. Also, things have been pretty hectic here at work. I’ve been doing a lot more hands on work- I’m basically in charge of like every database, plus I’m in charge of putting music on the radio, and putting it online for DJs to access.

My friend who used to go to school with me here came to visit all of last week. I didn’t get to see him quite as much as I’d wanted to, but I think we’ll survive. Hopefully he’ll be back in the fall (hint hint!).

Then, I also recently got into something with a new guy, while working out my friendship with an old guy (and to top things off, the two are friends). It’s going well, but it’s exhausting.

THENNNN… IT WAS PURIM! For those of you who aren’t Jewish, you’re missing out! Purim is like Halloween for Jews, with the added bonus that you’re supposed to get so drunk you can’t tell the difference between your enemies and your friends. Basically, that means that the Rabbi, in conjunction with Chabad, threw the school’s biggest party of the year on Monday night, at the Chabad house. This year, because of the shitty weather and all, the Chabad party was just about all there was, but last year, there were about a million after parties as well. Because there were few other parties, the Chabad party had probably 350 people at any given time, and they were revolving. It’s pretty crazy… it’s a mix of orthodox jews, frat boys, jocks, geeks… just about everyone comes out to play, and it’s always a great time.

Luckily, I’m getting off work a little early today, but then I’m skipping my evening class to go to an orgasm workshop. That’s right. It’s vagina week at school, and there’s an orgasm workshop tonight that my friends and I are going to, because it just seems like the right thing to do.

Friday afternoon, I’m definitely going to finish typing up the Dear Havanah interview (I’m surprised the guys haven’t come to find and kill me!), and post it, along with some pictures I took at the gig.

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