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February 16, 2009

well to set those of you straight who thought i was all so down and out about valentines day… i had a great one thank you very much. although that doesn’t mean my feelings have changed particularly. i still feel that we shouldn’t focus so much on valentines day, if at all. i think my birthday and anniversaries are enough. my man tells me he loves me every day, which is all i need.

we started our night with wall-e, and then he took me to perilla, which is possibly one of my favourite restaurants in new york. i had the baby spinach salad, which was just perfect. i like a salad with a lot of noise, but a soft dressing. and then i had the bacon wrapped game hen. my dad makes game hen, and it’s one of the only times he cooks with bacon, which i think must be why i like it so much, but i really do love it… and spatezle! haha. and then of course, on valentines day, how could i say no to red velvet cake? i’m not a big dessert person, but i’ll go for red velvet any time, and at perilla, it’s truly amazing.

afterwards, although it was pretty chilly, we took a walk home and just talked. it was just a really nice calm night. although we spent more than we sometimes do, there was no serious effort to outdo ourselves, and i think that’s what made it so successful. we both love good food, good wine, and each others’ company, so there was no need to put on the pressure and take the night somewhere it didn’t need to go.

i bought him a teddy bear :D.

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