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February 13, 2009

Well I’m waiting in the terminal at Newark to board my flight to Delhi… I figured I’d say a few parting words, since based on the ability with which my parents have been able to access the internet so far, it is unlikely I’ll be writing much over the next week or so.

Firstly, I can’t even begin to describe how excited I am for this trip! We’re going to be doing a lot of touristy stuff, which is great by me. My parents have been in India for a little over a week now, and my mom has sent me some photographs she’s taken. Becuase of the places in which she’s been able to take pictures, I’m particularly excited about going and taking my own pictures… in part because we tend to focus on different things, and in part because both of my cameras are significantly better than the one she is traveling with at the moment. Taking pictures of every day life is really fascinating to me, and I’ve rarely been able to do so in such a distinct culture.

Secondly, I wanted to address Will’s comment on my previous post. I agree, it feels like I’m dying when I don’t have my MacBook. It always makes me sad when I have to get something fixed or tweaked. Sadly, I’m like a dead zone when it comes to electronics, and they hate me! This is my third Mac laptop, which I’ve had for a little over two years now. Unfortunately I’ve had to have some part or another repaired twice now, and the guy who fixed it this week for me said I should still take it to an Apple Store to have it looked at there, because there was something he couldn’t do for me. I would never change, because Mac is really wondrous, but at the same time, I sometimes wonder just how much I should put up with from my beloved? As for the second part of the comment: No, I did not end up going on the date. The initial reason was because I had a big exam this week, and Monday night was going to be really my only opportunity to study. The man wanted more time with me than I could give him if the date were to be crammed between meetings and studying. I agreed that more time should be dedicated to the meal than what I could spare this week. Events occurred on Monday which mean that I spend much of the afternoon in the hospital tending to a friend, only to wind up back there myself on Tuesday (which meant in turn that I will not be taking the exam until I have returned from India). I’m still torn about whether or not the whole date is a good idea in the first place, but it is true that he’s a nice guy, and he wants to take me for a nice meal. Also, he seems as awkward and gawky on the phone as a 15-year-old asking a girl out for the first time. I can’t tell if that makes me like him more, or less.

Now, some pictures my mom sent me:





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