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February 9, 2009

Well I guess this means we’re finally legit:

A few weeks ago, Melanie Fiona‘s PR firm sent us a direct e-mail concerning the change of date for her showcase at the Canal Room, wanting to make sure we had the correct, up-to-date information up on the blog. Today, we received an e-mail from an artist in the DC area asking if we would post news of his first solo exhibition. If people want us to post information, it must mean that other people are reading us!


So anyway, here’s the situation with the exhibition:

The artist is John Malloy, and the exhibition is called One Out of A Hundred and it will be at Art Whino Gallery starting Saturday February 21. To find out more about the exhibit, go here. The artist’s illustrations have appeared in a variety of publications, including BPM, PasteFaesthetic, Business Week, Lemon Magazine, Minus The Bear, Dazed & Confused, and more. Over 40 Limited Edition Prints and over 50 Works of Original Art, including illustration, fine art, and comics will be on display in the exhibit and for sale.

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