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wartime makes for some interesting stories

January 14, 2009

i know some marines. mm, sexy, you say (yeah, they are), but really, i have a few issues with it. i believe we should honor and respect them for serving our country, but perhaps because i don’t agree with the war (in iraq), i don’t know that i really do see it as serving our country. everyone i know joined of their own volition- they didn’t do it because they needed money for college, or anything like that, they just wanted to. that’s great, but scary too. they’re so “patriotic,” but does that make me unpatriotic for not feeling in any way inclined to make the same sort of sacrifice that they have? or that i think they’re kind of crazy?

there’s something else. so far, 2 of them have been to iraq, and for them, there was some fighting, and it was exciting, and they had this great experience. but there’s something else… they, and their comrades, took pictures while on tour, and those pictures are on facebook. there’s nothing wrong with the pictures, nothing grotesque, or scary, but i find it interesting that they put up pictures in the way another person does after a vacation. clearly, their time there was not a vacation, but it almost seems as though it were. i wonder how it would be if the tours had gone differently? if they had faced more action, more resistance? would they view their time overseas as a vacation still, or would it be less playful? they say they were there with such pride, but i see no sadness, no true understanding of what is happening, and i don’t know what they saw.

wartime is a difficult thing to wrestle with.


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