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December 28, 2008

so the post is a few days old, but when i first saw it, it caught my eye, and after a conversation i had with a friend yesterday, i thought i’d introduce it here. on fashionista, there was a post relating to the wwd article about uggs, and how they are saving the retail world this recessed season. truth is, once upon a time, as a small child with no say in the matter, i had not one, not two, but three pairs of uggs. the reason for this is that some close family friends of ours live in aus and would bring me a pair every year, to wear as slippers in the winter (as is/was done in aus), and then one year i asked them to stop, because the shoes were too damn ugly.

now, in my old age, i am occasionally tempted to buy a pair for those days when i have early morning classes and it’s -20 outside and there’s snow outside. it’s so cold, my bean boots are unnecessary- because there’s no slush- but the warmth they provide is absolutely required. so i wrestle with myself this time each year in agony: do i give in and abandon my self-respect, and buy a pair of uggs for the 2 block walk to my indo-european politics class at 9 am? each year, i am glad to say, i have been able to hold out and say no, but it does, admittedly, get harder each year.

my friend however, is in active search of a particular pair- she wants short black uggs. she wants them so much, she saved up for them, and is quite disappointed by the fact that the black has been discontinued (so she says, i wouldn’t know). she doesn’t want just any uggs, just these uggs, and so the company has failed her, but without a doubt, she would buy them if she could.

would you save this retail season with a purchase of a pair of uggs? do you already have uggs? do you want/need uggs? how do you feel about all of this?

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