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Home… for a moment

December 19, 2008

I’m glad I came home yesterday, before the snow really hit. A lot of my friends are stuck at school or in airports, in the hopes they can head home soon. Obviously there are moments I missed out on, like DM dropping me at South Station at 1, and immediately heading to one of the frat houses to start drinking because she was sad CP and I were gone. Her day only got better, mine on the other hand… Other than being seated next to a spectacularly dressed (I really mean that in the best way) boy, who was quite cute, the bus ride home was terrible. It ended up taking about 6 hours instead of 4, which I always hate. 

Once I got home, I had dinner with the family, and did some laundry. I went out, and met up with some friends at Bourbon Street to start my night, and then met CC at K&M in Brooklyn. It was great- I always enjoy the Missbehave parties. Then I headed over to Le Royale. The lineup last night was great, but I was really there just to see a few people. I ended my night at Landmarc to just have a few drinks and an end-of-night appetizers.

I’m getting ready to go to Rome tomorrow. I’ve started packing and picked up a few things that AC asked for. I don’t know that I’ll get a chance to write while I’m there, but I hope everyone else has a good break/Christmas!

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