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Attention Shoppers

December 13, 2008

So yesterday after my exam, some friends decided to go shopping, and after some initial resistance, convinced me to go with them. We went to the Natick Collection, and being a New Yorker, I’m not generally a fan of malls, but let me tell you, this was fun. Running from one store to another, to look, or buy, or just for fun- and it’s warm inside and everything’s close together. It’s a pretty good experience.

I know retailers are having a difficult time this holiday season. We’ve all read the reports and the articles. Shoppers are spending less this year although retailers have had more sales, at lower prices, starting earlier in the season, than ever before. However, the mall was full yesterday. If Broadway and West Broadway in Soho are that full when I go home, it is great (because people are shopping), but it encourages me to avoid the main streets, and stores, in Soho. How can people not take advantage of the amazing sales? I know Marc Jacobs is having a 70% off sale in New York, but I can’t get that here (although it is possible the store on Newberry Street is having the same sale)- at Neiman Marcus, a very un-New York store, I got a new Marc Jacobs bag for about 50% off yesterday. It’s creamy white, and big enough to hold my computer, while still being pretty and discrete enough for a night out at a nice bar or a party. I’m really excited. I also got one of those wool cowl-neck sweaters from Rugby that I’ve been craving for so long. The new ones (a.k.a. the one that I bought) have little pockets on one side, which possibly wouldn’t have been my first choice, but it’s really cute. It was also really cheap, and they were offering an extra 15% discount with my student ID! I also bought necessaries, like socks and panty-hose, but no one can say I didn’t contribute to the end of the recession (although I do love these prices).

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