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something new, something old, something cool?

December 12, 2008

i always forget my friends are cool. like, not in the “i like to hang out with them” kind of cool, but in the “people other than me actually want to know about them” kind of cool. checking up on guest of a guest, and what’s the first thing i see? It’s a Very Merry, LOLA Christmas, which is pretty cool, but it’s also weird to see them up there. if you’re interested, they’re having a party at their store today, starting at 5. the information is on guest of a guest, or check out the facebook invitation for more information. i’m hoping to get over there, i haven’t seen gen or james in a while.

has anyone been to la cave des fondus yet to try out some wine or beer from a baby bottle? i’ve been stuck away in the library writing papers like it’s my job (i mean, technically, it is, isn’t it), and i haven’t been out or seen anyone in ages. yuck!

the botkier pop-up store opened today. it’s around for a month, and there are some great discounts. you should really check it out, it looks like it’ll be great fun. hopefully, i’ll make it there sometime this weekend. (117 mercer st. @ spring st.)

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  1. December 21, 2008 8:03 pm

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