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December 9, 2008

I haven’t gone to bed yet… I have to write at least 3 more pages for this damn paper! After this if you ever want to know anything about how the SABC makes money, just ask. Hopefully I’ll be done by 9/9:30 so I can go to Joseph II for some breakfast before class- apparently The Justice kids are there already, or will be soon anyway.
Tonight we’re gonna do a late dinner at Jake’s Dixie, but probably wont get too trashed, or stay out too late, seeing as just about everyone I know pulled an all nighter tonight. Sad too, since it’s the last day of classes and there’s like a million parties happening.
I’m looking forward to actually getting some sleep tomorrow night, and then the Ting Tings on Thursday! Yay!
Ok, time to stop procrastinating…

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