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places i fully expect to see you this week…

December 2, 2008

1. it’s supposedly world aids day, but it seems like it’s world aids week, and i’m ok with that. as much information as possible, and as much money as possible, should be out there.

tonight, i’m going to be at the benfit for the trinity place LGBT youth shelter. since more than a few close friends of mine are LGBT, and since MG’s sib is LGBT, i thought this was a worthy outlet for the money i didn’t spend on black friday. it’s called trinity home benefit, and it starts at 7 at aspen social club. it’s only $25, so you better be there, and make an extra donation!

2. after i see who i want to see, and i’ve seen if i won any raffle prizes, i think i’ll be heading to britney spears‘ birthday party at tenjune. just for the hell of it. honestly, who doesn’t want to go (just like, who didn’t get excited when they heard her tour stops this morning)? the truth is, her new stuff is good, and if she falls flat again, you know you’ll enjoy it. it starts at 9, but i probably wont make it over there till 11. call or text mike k (if you don’t have his number, ask someone for it) to get on the list, or get a table (if you’re a guy).

3. for those of you who kind of suck but want a good atmosphere, there’s a good third option for tonight, although i don’t know how many people will be there. socialista‘s got a good thing going, but they chose the wrong night to do it on. maybe bring a date?

4. tomorrow i’m thinking pink elephant, which is always a nice respite from the usual wear and tear. also, dj vice will be spinning, and the crowd should be good since i haven’t heard of too much else going on (except common‘s thing for microsoft).

5. thursday is going to be an all around good thing. so close to the weekend! the compulsions are playing at john varvatos at 8, with an afterparty at the bowery electric. you should rsvp to this one,

6. afterwards, i’m thinking the blackberry party at underbar. this is rsvp necessary, so head to the website to put yourself on the list, and then send me your pin :D.

that’s all for now folks… have a good pre-weekend!

speaking of mike k, did anyone see that thing about him earlier this week? i can’t remember where i saw it? maybe gothamist or guest of a guest… it’s just weird, i’ve known him since the begining.

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