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November 28, 2008

i hope everyone had a good thanksgiving, and is over their food coma! i hit the gym early this morning to rid myself of the extra effects of the tryptophan from the turkey i ate last night. a little later i’m heading upstate, just for the day, with MG, to get some fresh air and do some work, it should be nice.

pre-turkey, i know i’ve been having fun on this short break. tuesday night i took it easy and just went to a local bar with some friends, but wednesday, i did some bouncing around. i pre-gamed at Kiss & Fly with some friends, and then headed over to Lydia Hearst‘s thing at Lucky Strike. i just want to say, i love Lucky Strike. i think the whole thing is fabulous. it turned out a lot of people i knew from places past were there, which was awesome- it’s always great to get drunk with old friends. unfortunately, MG didn’t make it out with me on wednesday, she did some recon on the upper west side i hear.

tonight, i’m looking forward to seeing what comes. the people who had to go elsewhere for family gatherings yesterday are filtering back to the city today, and hopefully tonight i’ll get to see tons of old fogeys! i’m excited, and you should be too!

happy black friday folks! (even though MG and i aren’t shopping, you should be!)

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