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i love sales

November 10, 2008

somehow, it’s still sale season. i’ll blame it on the economy, or rather, thank the economy. the fact is, while retailers are selling more for cheaper, i can’t actually afford to buy more for cheaper- does that make any sense? it’s quite sad really. if you CAN afford more though, here are some ideas for you this week:

1. hit up Kidrobot for 60%-70% off your favourite “not toys” and hoodies. it’ll be happening tuesday to friday, 10-7 on tuesday and thursday, 10-6 on wednesday and friday. 261 w 36th st, btw 7th and 8th, 2nd floor.

2. check out Lauren Moffatt‘s beauties, with nothing over $200! tuesday to thursday, 9-7:30. 214 w 29th st, btw 7th and 8th, suite 1503 (212-465-0839).

3. i love White + Warren‘s cashmere! go grab their stuff at sample sale prices! wednesday and thursday, 8-4. 80 w 40th st, at 6th ave, 3rd fl.

4. who doesn’t love Mike & Chris‘ leather goods? everything’s up to 75% off (not just the leather stuff)! thursday to saturday, 10-7 on thursday and friday, 10-3 on saturday. 447 w 36th st, btw 9th and 10th, 5th floor.

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