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Not so Breaking News

October 31, 2008

I know it’s nothing new… we’ve been reading/hearing about it for days… but I just finished writing an essay and studying for a test, and you know what, I’m going to talk about it. Men’s Vogue2 issues a year! I can’t believe that over the summer we were counting them among the top competitors in our competitive set and they’ve taken such a dive! It’s so difficult to contemplate. And the fact that Portfolio is going down to 10 issues a year. I mean, I know everyone’s firing, and everyone’s closing publications (I love Radar), but it seems like Condé is being hit hard…

It’s even harder for me, since I’m not actually there and a part of it, but I just read about it, or get e-mails from people who like to keep me in the loop once in a while (sometimes colleagues, and sometimes, those releases make their way into my inbox :D). I wish there was more excitement in my life.

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