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Happy Halloween

October 31, 2008

I know it’s a little late, but what can you do? I don’t know where CC will end up tonight, but I know she’ll have a great time. After all, it is New York, and it is everyone and everything we know, which brings me to my Halloween. I have decided tonight is the perfect night for me to start my new plan of getting to know Boston better. I really have been terrible. I’m getting to know this town a little better, but Boston itself? Not so much. That being said, I do still have to make it to my original Halloween plans (one of the bars in town where I’ve gotten to know the owner is having a big thing, with a costume contest, and free drinks, etc…). However, I’ve heard about two other things in the city that I think sound interesting.

1. Vox Populi Halloween Bash is happening tonight. From what I’ve heard, and the pictures I’ve seen from last year, it looks like a lot of fun. It starts early, at 6:00pm, but runs late. There’s a $15 cover. 755 Boylston Street, Boston.

2. Felt is having a “Gotham: City of Perdition” party, which sounds pretty good. Doors open at 10:00pm, $10 cover. 533 Washington Street, Boston.

Both parties have cash prizes for best costume, which could be great. I was a cowgirl on Wednesday, was planning on being Madonna tonight, and a prep-school girl tomorrow, but my brother sent me the wrong skirt, so I might be a character from Mad Men, and follow the trend. Oops.

Have a happy Halloween everyone!

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