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Really? Really??

October 30, 2008

In a world where anyone can write anything, one site is making it easier to spread rumours. I get the whole Gossip Girl intrigue- I mean, we went to single-sex schools on the Upper East Side. Interschool was smaller than anything in the world, and New York is already the smallest big city in the world. Gossip spreads like wildfire on its own. Then, I worked at not one magazine, but two, and saw once again, how gossip can spread, and how it can effect people. Turns out, someone thought it would be great to take a public forum, incorporate the idea of Gossip Girl, and put it out there for college students. Welcome JuciyCampus.

For about a week now I’ve been wondering why strange rumours are going around about me, and why people I barely know are asking me about them… now I know why. Someone posted things that are just so completely ridiculous on this website. The fact is, on the one hand I’m disgusted by the site, and by what’s been said about me, but on the other hand I know that people who know me, or want to know me, wont believe it, and so I’m not too worried. I am however bothered enough to discuss it, which I’ve realised only makes the problem worse. By calling peoples’ attention to the website, I am making it more powerful and more popular (yes, I am aware that I am continuing this cycle by writing about it now). If the site were like the (semi-)fictional Gossip Girl website, then I would feel slightly better. The difference between Gossip Girl and JuicyCampus is that the gossip on the former site is filtered through a single person who is a part of the lives of the people who are gossiping/being gossiped about. Because JuicyCampus is a national site, focused on approximately 500 campuses, there is no central person to coordinate and verify data. Also, it’s a forum/public interest site, which means that anyone can respond to the initial posts, whether or not they’re true…

Don’t you remember what happened to

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