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ho hum

October 30, 2008

so i was in class today, not taking notes, but checking my e-mail (yes, i got my computer back!), and this is what i got:

now, you may have already seen this, either in your inbox, or on DBTH, but i have a few things to say. to start, i’m not a fan of the whole dj with acompanying instrument fad. the fact is, hopefully the dj has good taste and so the music he’s playing is something we can just chill to/dance to without the addition of a (usually) unrelated instrument. secondly, what exactly does The Eldridge think itself to be? a museum? i know mondays are kind of dead, but that’s the perfect market to open something good in, isn’t it? why should i only be able to go to class hung over mondays, and wednesdays through fridays? why discriminate against tuesdays?

just a thought.

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