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things i plan on doing today

October 29, 2008

1. make it to one class (i’ve already missed two)

2. finish nursing my hangover by getting a mani/pedi at Haven

3. meet Alexander Wang at Barney’s at his 2009 trunk show (he’ll be there from 2-4pm)

4. and then stay in the neighborhood to meet Mario Batali (he’s signing copies of his book Spain… A Culinary Road Trip from 6-8pm at Barney’s)

5. make sure i get to go to the MGMT afterparty on friday at Southside by making some calls

6. think hard about why the new Cain is having a party every night this week, and why people are excited about that. don’t clubs lose their allure if just anyone can go (which is what happens if they’re hosting a costume party every night)?

7. try to make it to the Shane&Shawn Social Networking Shoe Party at their store in nolita for drinks, pool, and discounts (6-9pm, 239 mulberry street)

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