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October 28, 2008

the week of halloween is always hectic, and yet amazing at the same time. the fact that halloween is on a friday this year? i can’t tell if i love it or hate it. if we were sophomores in high school, it would be great. it would mean that we could actually get drunk for halloween, but the fact is we’re not, and we get drunk just about every day of the week anyway. also, just because halloween’s on a friday doesn’t mean the parties are relegated to halloween/friday. also, this is new york we’re talking about, and any decent person will be at the parade on friday (i’ve been in the parade ever since i can remember).

last night i hit up the newly opened Aspen Social Club for Goodnight Mr. Lewis. it was a great time had by all. earlier in the night i saw Yael Naim perform at Webster Hall. i think she’s really amazing. i guess it’s sort of sad, sappy, girly music, but that’ ok with me.

tonight, i’m going all out and wearing a Lanvin dress from the 1920s (it was my great-grandmothers) to the Central Park Conservatory Halloween Ball. i’m going to be a fallen angel (the dress is black, and i’m going to put wings on it). the Halloween Ball is always beautiful and amazing. i really hope the weather works out. look for me at the party!

thursday i’m looking to make it to both the Radar Magazine party, Vampires and Victims; and then later make my way to Lydia Hearst‘s Masquerade. my friday night plans are undetermined as of yet because there’s so much going on, and the parade is always so time consuming. i told you halloween is fun.

let me know if you go anywhere/hear of anything, and keep your eye out for me over the next few days.

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