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Things I Wish I Could Have Done Today

October 14, 2008

Instead of having the day I did have (don’t ask), I wish I’d been able to:

1. Be at the Barnes & Nobel on 82nd and Broadway to see my friend’s dad, Alan Zweibel, read from his new book Clothing Optional. He is one of the writers of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

2. See the waterfalls around New York one more time.

3. Be at Bendel‘s for Lindsay Lohan‘s launch of her new clothing line 6126.

4. Go to Court, the new boutique on Mulberry, which is related to Circa Now on 6th Street and 2nd. It carries affordable designers with cute pieces that you may have difficulty finding elsewhere.

5. Go to Southside, the Bella’s replacement at Martignetti’s, which opened Friday (obviously, had I been in New York on Friday, and not doing something else, I would have gone on Friday). The duo in charge of the bar have renovated the space to make it a little smaller, and have also told our good friend Q at the door to steer clear of the preps he’s used to letting in. It’ll be nice to see new faces down there.
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