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October 12, 2008

i too hope you all repented well for your sins.

The National was amazing on Friday! i hadn’t even focused on the fact that it was a concert to celebrate New York Magazine‘s 40th Anniversary, but that made it all the cooler. i need to download more of their music. MCD got me into them, you know, a good Brooklyn native. i love concerts indoors, but i miss the summer and the outdoors, i’ll be honest.

my computer’s broken which is why i haven’t been writing. apparently the two inside pieces that connect me to the internet cracked, or some such thing, so i spent a good amount of my saturday at the Apple Store in the Meatpacking District (i’m a huge fan- bored of the Soho store, and can’t be bothered to go to 59th and 5th).

also- loving the mustaches i’m seeing on everyone everywhere! by mustache, i mean fake stickies. they work on girls and guys, and are great for parties. it’s always fun to be someone you’re not! i’m also still wearing my shorts– not just because it’s been so warm out, but also because it’s just about boot season, and what’s cuter than shorts and boots? soon i’ll be bringing out the Bean Boots, and the thick stockings, but for now it’s naked legs, or panty-hose with knee-high boots, flats or heels.

see you around New York!
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