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Mechanical Bulls what?

September 25, 2008

So yesterday, we had a voter registration initiative here on campus. It contained all the things necessary to pull weary and poor college students away from their intended plans for the afternoon and get them to vote: there was free pizza and soda, live music, booths pertaining to various political organizations on campus, and people to help you register to vote. I feel somehow that what really got people down to the great lawn yesterday were the jousting and the mechanical bull. Yes, that’s right, in order to get people to vote, we pulled out all the stops- free pizza and a mechanical bull! If someone had added $2 PBR, it may as well have been Johnny Utah’s (because, as one of my friends said, it would have been better if we were drunk, but we had to do it yesterday, because where else are you going to get to do it without having to see a fat drunk chick on the bull?).

The fact is, my friend doesn’t know New York too well, and so doesn’t know that once you hit New York, you can go to a bar, get drunk, and ride a mechanical bull that not too many fat chicks have in fact ridden… because the people who go there are strangely well put together. I will not go into my fascination with Johnny Utah’s at this moment in time, except to say that I may be tempted to hit it up sometime this weekend, if only to get to ride the mechanical bull when I’m drunk, and when I’m not being cajolled into voting.

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