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A brief foray

September 23, 2008

Back to politics for a moment. A friend of mine had an internship in San Francisco over the summer, doing something really spiffy and ecologically/politically sound. Exactly what it was, I couldn’t tell you, which has no reflection on him, but rather a very terrible reflection on me, as I seem to have failed to retain all but the most basic information about what any of my friends did this summer. The fact is however that he loved the job, and San Francisco, and did a good job, and so they offered him a job, to stay for the fall, and perhaps the spring, and continue in a similar line of work. What he’s doing exactly, has again, evaded me, but I know it’s super cool that he’s living in an apartment in San Francisco, and having a good time and meeting new people. I also know that it’s even cooler that he’s being paid to write a blog about things he cares about. I’ve read of few of the posts, and they’re so… strong and insightful! I can’t believe that right now, I’m taking classes on Rome and the Crusades and film and advertising, and he’s living in the real world!
A link to one of the posts is here: (Click me!) but you should follow him, I know I’m going to start following him. I think it will make me smarter.

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