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September 22, 2008

Sorry that CC and I have both been such terrible delinquents. I know she’s been having a great time in the city, and hopefully she’ll reappear soon. I, on the other hand, have been sick sick sick, but that didn’t stop me from having a good time over the last week.

Two weeks ago, there was a big party here. It’s school sponsored which means no alcohol, but it starts late, so everyone pre-games and goes drunk. It’s a big hip-hop, reggae, world music kind of party, and always a lot of fun. They tried to limit the number of people this year though, so it wasn’t as crowded. It’s reminiscent to me of a DAIS dance. I heard 10 people got arrested, and I actually know one person who did, so who knows? As usual, it was great fun, but, as I said, relatively empty. I’m definitely looking forward to the spring.

This weekend, there were a bunch of smaller parties on Friday night, and then on Saturday night, NaS came and played. It was a great show that focused for the most part on his older stuff. However, he didn’t play any of the pandering songs I had anticipated (and for this I am mightily thankful), but his good older stuff, the stuff that people who actually know his work like. And, for those of us who came at the right time, it was just the right length. He came on at about 9:30, and we were leaving at about 10:30. Here are some of the better pictures I took from Saturday:

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  1. Sarah permalink
    September 23, 2008 4:31 pm

    thank god he didn’t play “i can”! i can’t believe how many people i’ve heard talking about the fact that that’s the only song they know of his. seriously?

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