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ups and downs

September 12, 2008

just because i can, and because i simply must, i am going to rant a little in this post…

fashion week has been fabulous! i’m just going to say that. also, i didn’t realise quite how many people i knew behind the scenes, but now that i know, rest assured, i will utilize those contacts in future.

this girl MG and i went to high school is suddenly cool. she wasn’t in high school, but if you google her, she’ll come up, and apparently, she took part in her own piece of fashion week. i think MG may have mentioned her in a post before, because no one who we’ve met has ever liked her, or understood why she is suddenly a part of things. while i didn’t go to the Vena Cava show, i saw some pics, and one of them was this:

and there she is (she’s on the left). it’s the strangest thing. she’s not even particularly tall or pretty, she’s just very skinny.

i did however hit up the Vena Cava afterparty at the MINI Rooftop. beer bongs and pizza abounded- a glorified frat party (one i enjoyed attending, due to the fact that everyone was well dressed, and the beer was good quality). **quick side note, i’ve been absolutely loving the MINI Rooftop! i’ve hit up a few of the yoga classes, the Ksubi party (which was the night before the Vena Cava party), and the V Magazine party last night. it’s been the perfect weather too.

Vena Cava afterparty:

see you all at Le Royale tonight!

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