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I So Wish It Was Still Summer

September 12, 2008

So, I haven’t got a tv here, which severely limits my ability to watch tv related things, such as the VMAs. It’s horrible, I know. Anyway, I have seen photos and a few YouTube clips, and can someone please explain Kimmy Stolz‘s hair to me? When I last saw her, some six weeks ago, she had an amazing shoulder-length, razered bob… so this is not only clearly extensions, but they make her look like Mylie Cyrus. It’s a bit creepy if you ask me. I think Kimmy is so much prettier than Mylie Cyrus, this is really a bit of a waste.

Last night I was talking to JS, and I really do wish it was still summer. Since I came back to school, things have gotten so complicated, both here and at home, and things were so happy, carefree and simple this summer. Also, it’s getting so damn cold. I’ve had to pull out the Frye boots (I think I’m going to get another pair), leggings, sweaters, and blazers. Get ready for fall people.

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