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September 10, 2008

Well I certainly agree with CC, the show was absolutely amazing, visionary even. I read an article yesterday morning that said it was just the pump of adrenaline Fashion Week needed to continue on. While, because I’m here, slightly outside Boston, rarely getting to wear my clothes as it is, I’m a little less jumpy to buy than CC is, I will certainly be raiding her closet once she does. Sometimes I wish I’d stayed in New York for school.

Other things that have fallen by the wayside as I’ve failed in writing the past few weeks: the fall concerts here are NaS and Girl Talk! I’m so excited. Last year we had Regina Spector which was pretty awesome, but nothing compared to this. I bought my ticket for NaS last night, and the Girl Talk show is right after my birthday, so that should be great fun.

Food: the night before I came up to school, the family and I had dinner at WD-50. Absolutely amazing, as is to be expected. At the end of the meal, as we were getting up to leave, I looked back towards the kitchen and saw Wylie Dufresne, and pointed him out to my parents. The host saw me point, and asked if we would look to see the kitchen (would we!), and so we got a tour of the kitchen, and then I spoke with Wylie Dufresne himself, and shook his hand. You all know I’m not one to get excited over a celebrity, but this was exciting for me!

Time for class.

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