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Not to be redundant…

September 9, 2008

This post is going to pertain to Palin again, I regret to say… but it will only be in passing. You see, I’m taking a journalism course called Advertising and the Media, and each day I have to read the Media & Advertising section of the Business page. Yesterday I was reading about the US Weekly cover featuring Palin, and was struck by the fact that the cover had brought the third highest number of visitors to the magazine’s webpage in it’s history. What struck me was not the fact that that particular cover could pull so many individual hits, but rather that the two days with more hits were both in the week of the cover featuring Jennifer Love Hewitt‘s diet regime! These are the things the American people care about, and you wonder I’m apathetic and view this country as a bit of a lost cause? Also, that the magazine viewed their flippant treatment of Palin as acceptable because, although they lost 1,000 subscriptions in the week, they also recieved 1,000 new ones.

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