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Falling Behind

August 18, 2008

Sorry I’ve been so bad! I’m getting ready to move back to Boston, and I’ve been doing a lot of traveling, so things are pretty hectic.

So, how bout them
Olympics? Obviously everyone’s talking about Michael Phelps, but I’m not going to talk about him (too much). Firstly, can I just say how much I love Nastia Liukin? She’s absolutely amazing. I’m so happy she won the All-Around! Because of all the traveling, it’s hard to manage to watch everything, which sucks. I missed the individual Vault earlier, but she wasn’t competing, so it’s okay. I definitely think she’s better than Shawn Johnson. That Romanian girl deserved her win on the Floor though, for sure. She stuck every landing, and made it look easy and fun! The Women’s Gymnastics has just been so great to watch this time round. LOVE IT!

Former classmate,
Emily Cross, did pretty well. She’s the top-ranked woman in foil in the United States, and made it to the Round of 32 in the Individual, and to the Gold Medal Match in the Team Match! Congrats!

I can’t believe summer’s over! Just a few more nights of summer fun in
New York City! I went to Felix tonight to meet up with AC and then went over to Suzy Wong’s to see what was going on. I’ve been out of the city so much recently! I really want to go out with WT and MS before I leave next Tuesday. If anyone knows of something really fun, let me know!

NC and I went to Anotheroom the other night, which was nice. Sometimes it’s nice to just chill with a bottle of wine and talk about life. Too bad MCD couldn’t come. I met up with him a few nights later and we grabbed beers at some bar in his neighborhood. I liked it actually, I just can’t remember what it was called. I’m not really sure what’s happening with us right now, but I hope he doesn’t have any ideas. I’m not ready to start things up with him again, we both need to have experiences with other people- real experiences I mean- mature relationships. I know he wants to finish things with AnK, which I think is good, because he has enough to deal with without having to save someone else, but I hope it has nothing to do with me. He needs to find another person to have a healthy relationship with, I don’t want to be the only person he can trust to lean on, although I’ll always be here for him. I will always care about him, no matter what happens. We need to mature so we can appreciate eachother. Anyway, I’m kind of hoping something real will start up with JDC in the next few weeks. If not, who knows, maybe I’ll meet someone new?

Sorry about that, I try not to talk too much about my personal life, but I needed to rant momentarily.

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