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August 7, 2008

The Fringe Festival is back in town people! It had completely slipped my mind. Good friend AlP has had shows in it for the past two years, but he’s currently in LA, expanding on last year’s show I Was Tom Cruise (if you haven’t seen it, and you get a chance, you should). Also, the Olympics start this weekend! Is everyone going to be awake at 2 am to watch? I know I will, despite being in Montauk– after all, I can just sleep on the beach. Opening Ceremony is having an Olympics party on Friday, open to all. Just getting the word out to those who don’t know. I know I’ll be there, sort of earlier in the day though, so I can make it out to Montauk before the post-work rush.

Also, just letting everyone know, I will be at the Marc Jacobs show in September, so look for me there! Hopefully, since I’ll be coming down for it, I’ll make it to a few other shows as well. Everyone knows he’s my favourite though, and so if I don’t make it to any other shows, it will have been well worth it.

Last night I met up with ZG and JR at Turtle Bay. WT was unreachable for some reason. JR’s boyfriend and his roommates were there- all in all a great group. It was packed! I’ve never seen it like that. JF came and met up with us after the Kanye concert. He said it was amazing and that Jay-Z came on at the end. I’m still really angry that he brought KH!

Anyway, off to Arthur Avenue, and then Montmartre to pick up the skirt I have on hold (it’s beautiful, and 50% off!).
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