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The final day draws to a close…

August 6, 2008

I’ve realized it’s Day 30 – I had to figure out how many weeks I’ve worked in order to start my paper for the internship course I’m taking, and I’m so bored I’m actually writing the paper. Actually, I’m not always bored here, but recently I have been. It’s no one’s fault, but August is a slow time for magazines. I’m so looking forward to it being over, although it’s kind of cool to be able to tell people I work here- they look at me differently. It’s like a bit of leverage.

Anyway, tonight I think I’m going to go out with some people from work to celebrate the end. Certainly ZG, and probably WT and JR as well. I wonder if anyone’s invited MC. I just can’t decide where to go. An awful lot is going on in the city tonight. There’s something kind of early at Turtle Bay, and there are at least two parties at Santos Party House tonight, as well as a guest list or two I could put myself on at Pink Elephant. Choices, choices, choices. I also want to see TS, NC, JS, MK and MCD, so hopefully they’ll all come out to celebrate my freedom.

I’m kind of pissed at JF, he invited me to the Kanye concert, and when I replied yes, he said that KH had responded like a second earlier, so he was going to take her. I absolutely hate KH, and he knows that! UGH. No biggie though. It’s just annoying cause he should have asked one of us, waited, and then if she couldn’t go, asked the other one. I would love to go to the concert- JR went last night and said that it was amazing. She did say that he didn’t go on until around 11, and so it didn’t end till around 1:30, which is kind of annoying given that the concert was set to start at 7:30 (N.E.R.D, Rihanna, and Lupe Fiasco are the opening acts, although Rihanna never went on last night), but that it was totally worth it anyway.

It’s BD’s birthday this weekend, so we’re heading out to Montauk again, just the boys and me. It should be fun (like always). I hope it’s just JF, JK, BD and myself, but who knows. I know WT is going to be in the Hamptons again this weekend so maybe we’ll meet up at some point, go to the beach or something. If we have a big party, he’s invited obviously.

One quick shout-out before I get back to my essay. I have stopped drinking soda (shocking I know, given how much soda I used to drink), and have replaced it with natural teas. Obviously, I’ll take real tea any day, but the easiest way to drink tea any time is in a bottle. I’m an unsweetened, natural kind of gal, and for a while I was drinking Teas’ Tea, but believe me, that stuff’s got nothing on Anteadote, which is manufactured by Chinese tea maker Adagio. You can really only get it by ordering online directly from Adagio, but the prices are good ($24 for a pack of 15, while a single bottle is $2) and on orders over $50, they have free over-night shipping. How amazing. The bottled teas come in Jasmine, Green, White, Black and Oolong, and each is a very distinct flavor. Try them sometime. Don’t worry, I’ll have a million in my room come fall!

Let me know if you have ideas for an end-of-work celebration.

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