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July 31, 2008

So on the subject of Sunday’s sadly missed concert, a woman I distinctly trust said the Ting-Tings sucked. True she doesn’t like them, but a good performance is a good performance whether or not you like the music. She did say however that MGMT was amazing, which just makes me sadder. True to form however (after all, she and MCD have about a million friends in common), she was pretty drugged by the time MGMT hit the stage- that’s not to say she’s not correct, simply that her testimony may be less trustworthy than usual.

So apparently MD is hooking up with some friend of MS’s and so made an appearance at her house this weekend with said boy. I couldn’t make it because MCD and I were at Ghostland Observatory. MS (unsurprisingly) didn’t have the nicest things to say about MD- funny how those things work out, huh?

Hair, the current bit playing in the park under the dubious banner of Shakespeare in the Park, was amazing last night! First of all, I was absolutely in love with just about 90% of the costuming, and if anyone could possibly tell me where to buy it all, I would be infinitely grateful! Also, for the most part, the acting and singing was so good! There were a few weak characters, but no one who was too important.
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