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It’s too darn hot!

July 29, 2008
This weekend was ridiculous! 

It started on Wednesday really, and went all the way through. On Wednesday night, I hit Marquee with EC and MC, and it was a good one. 

Then, Thursday, after dinner at Kuma Inn, IR and I went to Schiller’s. Then after MK, DO, and CW came, we hit The Stanton, Christina’s Place, The Annex, and Thor (it was CW’s birthday). Kuma Inn was amazing- the food is great. It’s a bummer they don’t have a liquor license, but that’s life; the corkage fee isn’t too high. The rest of the night was really good too. We were all so drunk at the end of the night. I hope CW liked her birthday!

Friday, after spending the day with NR and MS, because it was CW’s last night in the city, we started at Asian. Later, SY came into the city and so we met up at 230 5th, and then to Barna. At Barna, I ran into JO, which was hilarious, and totally unexpected. It was the first time I’d seen him in like two years. He looked great.

Saturday was TW’s birthday in Central Park, which was fun. In the evening, I met up with MCD in Prospect Park for the Ghostland Observatory concert. It was amazing! The music was so good (self explanatory), but the LAZER SHOW was just unbelievable! Later we had planned to meet up with NC and a friend of hers from school, but that didn’t happen, so we just went to a bar in Park Slope, which ended the night really nicely. 

I didn’t manage to make it to the MGMT/Ting-Tings concert at McCarren Park Pool on Sunday, which I regret deeply. I really hope I’ll have the chance to see them perform sometime soon! I hope the fall in Boston has as many good concerts as this summer has had in New York!

Here are some photos from the weekend:

Ghostland Observatory at Prospect Park (Saturday Night)

Marquee (Wednesday)

Christina’s Place (Thursday)

The Annex (Thursday)

Thor (Thursday)
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