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We Play Hard, Party Harder

July 24, 2008
I won’t even try to apologize for my laxness in the past month, particularly since every night I get home and think, I really should write! (Sometimes I think that while I’m at work and have to restrain myself- it’s much easier to consider at work.)

So if there’s something I’ve learned about publishing, at least at our magazine (and it may be different on the edit side), it’s that no one really works. They get scared, angry, excited and stressed, but for the most part, everyone’s online- shopping, blogging, checking facebook, or making sure they’re in some of the photos from one of the many parties the night before. I mean, the assistants do a lot of work, and so occasionally, the interns have to work hard too, but the reps and managers don’t really do much except when they’re physically with a client on a call. The assistants and interns prepare the rfps, the press packets, the sell sheets, the YTD edit credits, the research on current movements and decisions in the brand, etc… so what are the reps and managers doing exactly?

They have to make sure to remember to have moving equipment shipped to their homes (although we don’t really mind doing that), and to have their assistants RSVP to the party or fashion show or fund raiser that they intend to attend that night. They also compile their VIP lists for the upcoming events, which they then hand off to their assistants to be handed off to the marketing manager in charge of the specific event, only later to be handed back to the assistant or intern who will be helping them run the event.

In other news- we’ve had two large events in the past few weeks: BB and an event for Peroni. BB was badly planned (in my humble opinion). They held it at The Brandy Library (where E works), which holds stringently to its capacity limits. This meant that we over-invited and couldn’t let people in after a certain point, which led to disagreements between SL, the owner, and my poor friend WT who was working the door. By all accounts however, it was a resounding success. Crowded, loud, fun and in-demand. The Peroni event was held at Ava, and we hired an outside group to help us run the party. This created a multitude of conflicts as they brought their interns to work the door, as did we. The space was not well suited to having so many people doing a single job, and the woman in charge was unfriendly at best.

We also recently played VF in softball, with these pictures appearing on the VF blog:

(AD at bat)

(AD’s feet, haha)

(MC catching)
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