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July 24, 2008

Things that because I’ve sucked so much, I forgot to mention…

TS and IH have been working at Opening Ceremony this summer, which has been amazing (I get a 10% discount). The downside? They’ve had to work with TB. Ha! Even her initials are a disease. According to IH, she doesn’t like me either, although I have no clue why, unless it’s just because she knows I don’t like her. The other night, a bunch of us were all together, and no one I was with had a good thing to say about her.

In a strange turn of events, DM’s step-dad BT and HZ’s sister EZ were on the same show: the difference? BT was a judge and EZ was a contestant. From what I’ve heard, EZ was great, but it didn’t work out for her in the end. Too bad- next time will be better, I’m sure.

We’ve been going to some great concerts. Unfortunately, I had to miss Spoon in the Prospect Park Bandshell do to a change in my work days, and JC being unable to come down from Boston. Definitely hitting the MGMT concert on Sunday though- heard there’s going to be a slip-n-slide too! Everyone should try to make it.

Also, has everyone been to The Delancey yet? The roof is great- it’s like being on a tropical island, and although the drinks aren’t large, they aren’t expensive either. I haven’t been downstairs yet, but it seemed pretty good ($7 cover charge). Le Souk is lots of fun, as is Ono, and Mansion. I haven’t been to the one in Miami, but if you have, you should try our New York outpost. Don’t forget to bring friends, and girls- really by friends, I mean girls. No matter where you go in this city, girls are your ticket in. Beatrice is no longer really the thing, but it’s still pretty chill, and it promises to only get better once all the coke girls stop going.

Lastly, my new friend BM is the wonder in charge of the blog as her summer job, isn’t that fun? She’s a friend of MCD’s (how we met) but she’s super chill and we’re planning on getting together a lot for the rest of the summer. After all, our interests are relatively similar and our jobs interact in lots of ways.

Let me know if you hear of anything fun- there’s only a month left of summer, let’s make the best of it!
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  1. fonthew permalink
    July 25, 2008 9:05 am

    i was at the Delancey on tuesday. they have all you can eat bbq and everything on tuesdays, it’s awesome! anyway, i’m also going to the MGMT concert on sunday, so maybe i’ll see you there!

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