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Well done?

May 2, 2008

So HP and I went to Lure, which was really good. We both overate, and possibly had too much to drink, but
as always, we had a good time. After dinner, we walked over to the
Tribeca Film Festival filmmaker party at the Apple Store, and decided we didn’t really want to wait in line, and also, that he was probably under dressed. Instead, we walked around the Village for an hour or so, until he had to go meet some people he works with. Afterwards, I went and met up with SS and GB at GalleryBar for some drinks, and then we went to GB’s apartment, and just hung out on his rooftop.
I’m really looking forward to summer- having everyone home. When I’m home on my short breaks, because there are so few people in the city, it really limits my ability to go out. Also, I like not seeing the same people every night, but that becomes less possible over time, even when I’m only home for a week. It’s pretty boring in the city when no one’s around. I’m all up for going out on my own and meeting new people, but that requires relative comfort at the bar I go to, which limits the number of places. I can only say that I’m totally comfortable going on my own to probably three or four places. Over the summer, I want to expand my comfort zone, so that being home when no one else is becomes easier. I also want to get to know some new places just for the fun of it, because sometimes I feel really boxed in. Having only a handful of places that I know and like means that when I go out, I see a lot of the same people, even if I’m out with different people.
Anyway, I’ll be back in the city for the summer in about a week and a half. Just four exams and a paper stand in my way. This weekend should be fun- the week’s been fun so far, however I’m looking forward to the end.
See you all in New York in a week!

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