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April 24, 2008

On Monday evening, we went to Perilla, which is Harold Dieterle‘s restaurant in the Village. The food was phenomenal! It’s certainly difficult to find a restaurant that is okay for passover, since my parents are keeping it. Perilla is one to return to, when I can eat everything on the menu. It’s a lot of fish, and not too many carbs, which is also perfect for anyone. Afterwards, I met up with AMC and LV, and went to Cozy Cafe, in a return to the past- LV wanted some hookah, and the sangria’s good. Once they went home, I went to Bar None and met up with GB and SS. That, as always, was a good time.
Last night, we went to
Aqua Grill. IR and I split the oyster sampler, and I had the truffle crusted cod with wild mushroom ravioli. It was simply magnificent. I always enjoy it, but I rarely order the cooked food. I really enjoyed it.
Tonight HP and I are having dinner- a date perhaps? He’s just been working so much, it’s difficult to even grab dinner. We were supposed to at least get drinks on Tuesday, but it didn’t happen because he was at a
Tribeca Film Festival party till ridiculously late, and he got pretty drunk. Tonight too he has a few parties he has to go to, and I may join him, after dinner, because I enjoy spending more than just two hours with him.
Yesterday I had my first meeting at the magazine. I’m so looking forward to the summer! We’re only having three major events in New York over the summer, but since it’s the 75th anniversary of the magazine, they will be among the best put up ever. My job description has changed slightly, I’ll be working with marketing and with sales, but it’ll be very exciting. I get to work on branding the magazine in order to pull in new advertisement, but I’m also going to be doing regular drudge work, and event planning. All in all, it’s looking like it will be a great summer.

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