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April 21, 2008

Happy Passover everyone… and a belated happy 4/20. Now that the seders are over with, we can reminisce and discuss. MCD’s parents were at the first night seder at my parents’ house, which was really nice. They asked me for some help with his upcoming birthday party, as they and I agree that what he wants simply cannot be done, and their ideas sound like great ones to me. LV and AMC came down from school with me for the first few days of break. It was nice to have them here. Unfortunately, because of how late we got into the city on Friday, and then because of seder yesterday and today, I wasn’t really able to show them a good time, although we did hit up Landmarc, and saw MA and quite a few of his friends. Tomorrow night I want to take them out, show them more of the city. I’m hoping that CL and EN will join us as well. Perhaps HP will make an appearance.
I saw my old ad in
W today, and it was a strange reminder of past times. I’m looking to make some easy money at the beginning of summer, and during the school year next year, so maybe I’ll return to modeling. My real dilemma is finding people to represent who shoot their ads in Boston, because I don’t want to be traveling back and forth too often.
I’m looking forward to having the rest of the week in New York. I’m going upstate tomorrow during the day, and then having a nice dinner out, probably at
The Harrison, before I meet up with LV and AMC. The rest of my week is pretty empty- I have two things at the magazine, a lunch on Tuesday and a meeting on Thursday, and then lunch with IR on Wednesday. I also have a dinner date with HP on Thursday evening, which I am most definitely looking forward to.
If anyone knows of any good parties, or wants to get together sometime this week, just let me know. I’d love to get a few good nights in before exams back at school next week.
I can’t wait to be home for the summer, and just be enjoying the magazine, the parties, and my city.

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