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And then what?

April 9, 2008

Men will forever be a mystery. The truth is that they intend to confuse. Yesterday, MCD and I had our first truly honest discussion since we broke up three and half months ago, and he admitted to me that he thinks about me a lot, and misses me, and yet he is always positive that he made the right decision ending things between us. I think it’s possible he thinks about me more than I think about him, since he contacts me far more often than I do him, despite the fact that I’m the one who isn’t over him. Explain this to me please? Or how about ES, who lied to me, not to get into my pants, but to stay out of them even though he was so into me at first, and YN who is too proud to say he’s interested?
Tonight I’m having dinner with PD, which should be a nice respite from this craziness. He’s always fun.
In a week I’ll be back in New York and back in action. I cannot wait. I’ll be starting my new project at the magazine basically as soon as I get home. I’m interviewing someone for a new position, and I’m beginning to plan the summer opening party! It should be great fun. It will also be an amazing opportunity- both for networking, and for throwing/going to a great party. The apartment is beautiful, and huge, and the invitation list extends forever. This year, I want to make sure the event is unforgettable.
I have to run now. I’ll be late for a business lunch. More on life and work (play) some other time.

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